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Get a Waff® Concept

  • A take away sale easy to eat.
  • A high quality fast food product.
  • A real operational space work of 200 square feet or less.
  • The “secret mix” recipe produces the dough with a twin arms mixer producing a fluffier dough.
  • A concept which answer to the consumer’s impulsion who gives himself a pleasure with an exclusive and quality product made in front of customers for freshness, for a small expense.
  • A 100% belgian product not easy to find and with very little competition, if any.

Get a Waff ® Profile

  • You like commerce and customer contact.
  • You are respectful of quality, as well as the rules of hygiene.
  • You have experience in commerce and management.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mind and you would like to be self-employed.
  • You can provide the minimum capital required and your financial standing enables you to involve yourself in a new project.

Get a Waff ® Location

  • Get a Waff® must be installed in a location with strong and constant walking traffic.
  • The installation can occur in shopping malls, places of interest, airport, etc...
  • The set-up can be in the form of a kiosk or a shop.
  • The minimum commercial surface area is 200 s/f.
  • Get a Waff ® must have a storage area of approximately 50 s/f.

Get a Waff ® Profitability & Investment

  • Gross margin of the order of 82%.
  • Turnover that can reach $175,000 to $350,000 from the first year of operations depending on the location.
  • No competition in this field.
  • $6,000 worth of stock is all you need to start a Get a Waff ®
  • An exclusive product mix securing and guaranteeing the investment
  • The entry fee amounts to $29,000.
  • Royalties free franchise for the first two years - 3% of Gross thereafter.
  • Get a Waff ® sales unit investment is around $55,000 for a 200 s/f space
  • Your money back in 9 months.

Get a Waff, LLC
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