14 Dec
Liege under attack!

Tonight, I am mourning for my country. My hometown was attacked, a gunman has opened fire In the Center of Liege, he also threw grenades into the crowd Killing 5 people and wounded 123. The latest victim a 18 month old Baby.  Je partage vos peines et compatie a votre douleur.      Read More →

30 Jan
Tilff Carnival

Welcome to Tilff “La cité des Pôres” The leeks city. Born in 1952, the traditional group, “the Pôres Tilffois” brings originality to the Laetare Parade. Disguised as the pôres or porais meaning leeks the vegetable patch, dance in tune with the “Jardiniers Mélomanes”, the musicians gardeners, around a giant called “Djôsèf li r’piqueû” wallon name meaning (Joseph the guy that plant out leeks) there are also other giants who look like veggies.... » Read more

31 Dec
Outremeuse Introduction

(1338-1400) Jean d’Outremeuse was a notary in Liege. He devoted three different works to the history of his city: a prose Chronique en bref (Brief Chronicle); a substantial but incomplete chanson de geste (song of heroic deeds), the Geste de Liege (Epic of Liege); and the very long prose Myreur des histors or Miroir des histoires (Mirror of Histories). The thrid is Le tresorier de philosophie naturelle des pierres precieuses (The treasurer of natural philosophy of precious stones). Amazon.com... » Read more

27 Dec
The Perron

This square has witnessed the principal events of Liege’s history. At its centre, the “Perron”, the symbol of the freedom of Liege, dates back to the 13th century. The 18th century Town Hall has replaced the ancient “Violette” a house in the market square which carried the sign of the “Violette” and where the city magistrates used to meet in the 18th century. The houses around this square are characteristic of Liege’s civil architecture and date from... » Read more

16 Dec
Wall street or Walloon street?

One of the first facts you learn about New York City history is that Wall Street, that canyon of tall buildings and center of the American financial world, is named for an actual wall that once stretched along this very spot during the days of the Dutch. The real story is rather fuzzied by the presence of a small community of French-speaking Belgians known as the Walloons. The original ‘De Waal Straat’ was the center of a small Walloon community in New Amsterdam. There was most definitely... » Read more

15 Dec
The “True” History

How Walloons  founded New York and the Middle Atlantic States. Did you know that the foundation of New York and the Middle Atlantic states was wrongly attributed to the Dutch. In fact this historical heritage belong to the Walloons (people from Wallonia), very well known for centuries, long before existence of  Belgium. The truth is that two successive waves of walloon settlers came, they were the very first to settle in the futur New York, at Albany, and at Delaware states of Connecticut, New... » Read more

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