14 Dec
Liege under attack!

Tonight, I am mourning for my country. My hometown was attacked, a gunman has opened fire In the Center of Liege, he also threw grenades into the crowd Killing 5 people and wounded 123. The latest victim a 18 month old Baby.  Je partage vos peines et compatie a votre douleur.      Read More →

2 Nov
How to maintain a Belgian Waffle Maker

Let clean the waffler maker properly Be sure that your waffle maker is switched off, unplugged and has cooled down before you start cleaning. Use a damp kitchen cloth or sponge with drenched in lukewarm water and soap and delicately clean the griddle surface and wipe down the iron. For sticky or stuck-on residual, use a kitchen scrubbing brush or other brush able to clean between the honey comb surface, submerge the scrubbing brush in lukewarm water to remove whatever that the cloth or sponge did... » Read more

21 Sep
How to use your waffle maker

Using your waffle maker properly We all love Belgium Waffles “Au petit dejeuner”. The delicious waffles served mouth watering toppings such as fruits, maple sirup, candy syrup or ice cream in the middle of the day simply bring a smile on our face. We adore Belgian waffles any time of the day, simply because we of course have so many kind of waffles in Belgium. People often ask me: why they don’t have the same results with their waffle maker? . So, yes the qualitly of the waffle... » Read more

31 Jan
The origin of the waffle

waffle origin The waffles date from the Middle Ages. At that time Saint Louis founded a fraternity called the oubliyeurs or oubloiers meaning forgetters. They baked the biscuit between two cast iron plates connected by hinges, the plates often decorated with coat-of-arms or religious inscriptions and images, and a wooden arm to hold it. The cone shape waffles were sometime stick. They use to sell them at the church’s gate, on sunday.During the week they sold them shouting on the street. To... » Read more

7 Dec
So much Belgian waffles. So little time!

Belgium is not only known for it’s  delicious chocolate, but also for the succulent mouth-watering waffles. I have to warn you though! The scent is intoxicating. You will surrender body and soul, nothing else matters. You want to try. You take a bite… …You are under a spell. You want to stop eating. But how can you when you hear the waffles calling out  again and again? It’s alluring and luscious, imploring you to take a few more bites. Get ready to travel through desserts,... » Read more

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